Floppy Disk Mockup

Photoshop template.
Download size: 49 MB
File format: PSD

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Retro Cassette Tape

Photoshop template.
Download size: 28 MB
File format: PSD

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FW Mini Disc

high quality Mini Disk Photoshop template.
Download size: 45,7 MB
File format: PSD

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Vinyl Record

high quality Vinyl Record Photoshop template and 6 PNG files.
Download size: 89,2 MB
File format: PSD/PNG

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Disc Paper Bag

High quality Disc Paper Bag Photoshop template.
Download size: 40,3 MB
File format: PSD

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10 high quality holographic textures
Download size: 27,8 MB
File format: JPEG

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Crumpled Black Paper Sheets

Four high resolution transparent PNG and Jpeg files.
Download size: 49,2 MB
File format: PNG/JPEG

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Hanging Paper Sheet Mockup

High quality hanging Paper Sheet Photoshop Mockup.
Download size: 38,5 MB
File format: PSD

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Anomaly Photoshop Template

Three High quality Anomaly Photoshop Templates.
Download size: 7,7 MB
File format: PSD

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Kolor is without doubt one of our most explosive, creative sets of images that you can pick from. This stunning range of bokeh backgrounds look great, and gives you a host of 32 different images to try out and see if it works as the perfect blend for your project.

Easily adjusted and edited in Adobe Photoshop, you can make it much easier to really take things to the next level. It’s a fine choice when you want to really add an extra layer of feel to each image, allowing you to edit hue, saturation and colour options without any issue.

High quality 240 DPI, 6000 x 4000 pixel images which allow you to get the correct theme without any challenge. 32 JPEG images provided at top quality detail and precision to help make any project easier to put together. Preview File provided.

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Sample Pack

Are you trying to put together some quality flyers? Then you want to make sure you have the perfect look, feel and theme. With the help of our sample pack, you can try out all of our different styles and see what works best for you without having to invest a single penny!

This is very much a popular choice for anyone who wants to make their life easier when it comes to setting up quality flyers. In this set, you can an impressive 12 JPEG files to work with, each one provided in impressive 4000 x 6000 pixel format.

This preview file will help you to change the colours around, and edit hue and saturation, to help make an image that you can be suitably proud of. A true must-have preview set if you want to see the quality of the work that we provide, and what we can do for you in other projects and image packs.

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Schick is one of our finest choices to work with when you need a stylish set of bokeh backgrounds that hit the right spot. Standing out is everything when it comes to good advertisement, and this collection of 32 textures should help you to do that. We provide an impressive 96 JPEGs in total, with all 32 textures provided in black, white and DUOTONE red for best effect.

These are designed to be simple and easy to edit in traditional software such as Adobe Photoshop. Simply adjust and edit the JPEG files in any way that you wish to get the perfect saturation and hue that you are happy with. A fine starting point for creating standout content time and time again.

High quality JPEG images provided in 240 DPI and 6000 x 4000 pixels for best impact. JPEG files which are easy to update and manipulate in any way that you need.

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Our Freebies are, like all other products, produced in high quality. Therefore they are suitable for high quality projects without sacrificing quality. With our work we would like to reduce the effort for your projects, so that our product can be integrated into your project without any hesitation. For a first impression of our work you are welcome to use our freebies for testing. Among our freebies are:

  • Textures
  • wallpapers
  • templates

If you like our free textures, you will surely find more interesting textures in the category Textures. We would be happy to receive honest feedback on the review function of our products.

Overlays in bokeh look

The Schick product, for example, was created in a bokeh look with the help of various light influences and colours. This makes the images colourful and yet discreet. The aim of our product is to put your projects in the right light. An optimal condition for the processing in advertising or art projects. As these are free textures, they can be downloaded and used free of charge. Information on the use of our freebies for commercial or private purposes can be found on our page licenses. The Texture Freebies belong to the royalty free textures and are therefore royalty free.

What is a Bokeh-Look

Bokeh is the name given to the quality of the blur area in photography. This effect is often used to attract the viewer's attention to the main subject. The characteristics of a bokeh are determined by the appearance of the distraction circle. In a fuzzy area, the points of the lights are displayed in a disc shape. The aperture or entrance pupil of the lens determines the shape. Therefore this effect can look different depending on the lens. Achieving the same bokeh effect as with our freebies will be almost impossible.

Design your own wallpaper with our freebies

If you're looking for ways to design your own wallpaper by using free digital art, then you' ve come to the right place with our Freebies. Our free wallpaper designs allow you to create high quality designs. Just like you, we want to convince our customers with the best quality. Our freebies are free psd files and can be easily inserted into Photoshop projects. A few simple clicks, for inserting our file and some adjustment work to adapt it to your project, will complete your wallpaper design.

You are enthusiastic about our work and always want to be up to date with our products? Then visit us on Instagram, Pinterest or Behance to find out when new products are being added. You can find the links in the footer.